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Cellbiologiska förändringar vid myalgisk encefalomyelit (ME) - även kallat kroniskt trötthetssyndrom- fokus på post-SARS-CoV-2-virus fatigue syndrom.
Description: Plasma, saliv och PBMC=perifera blod monocytära celler, där varje deltagare (ME/CFS patienter, friska kontroller och long-covid patienter) lämnar prov 4 gånger under ett år.
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Biobank: Östergötland biobank
Size: 100 - 1000
Collection type: Research sample collection

Description: Healthcare sample collections are primarily intended for healthcare, diagnostics and treatment, but can also be made available for research when there is a Swedish ethical approval and the patient has given their consent.
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Biobank: Örebro biobank
Size: 10.000 - 100.000
Collection type: Healthcare sample collection

Immunologiskt svar efter vaccinering med mRNA vaccin mot covid-19, Comirnaty, hos immunsupprimerade och immunkompetenta personer- en öppen icke randomiserad multicenterstudie i Fas IV
Description: Phase 4, open, non-randomised cohort study. The Comirnaty vaccine will be administered in two doses. Analyses of blood and saliva related to humoral and cellular response will be carried out. The occurrence of local or systematic reactogenicity, as w[...]
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Biobank: Stockholms Medicinska Biobank
Size: 1000 - 10.000
Collection type: Research sample collection