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Uppsala COVID-19 ICU Biobank
Description: Not quite daily sampling of whole blood, buffy coat, EDTA plasma, Citrate plasma, RNA-stabilised blood, CyTOF-stabilised blood, PBMCs, urine, nasopharyngeal samples.
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Biobank: Uppsala Biobank
Size: 10.000 - 100.000
Collection type: Research sample collection

The Sahlgrenska COVID-19 biobank
Description: The biobank stores longitudinal samples from whole blood (DNA/RNA), plasma, serum and cryopreserved PBMC, faeces, urine, and Cerebrospinal fluid. More than 1500 patients with various disease severity (mild, moderate, severe/critical) and with linked [...]
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Biobank: Biobank Väst
Size: 1000 - 10.000
Collection type: Research sample collection

Digit ratio 2D:4D and severity of COVID-19 / Fingerkvot (2D:4D) som markör för testosteronpåverkan under fosterlivet och svårighetsgrad av COVID-19 sjukdom
Description: The aim of the project is to explore a potential relationship between the digit ratio 2D:4D, as a marker of prenatal testosterone, and severity of COVID-19 infection in men and women. Secondary aims are to investigate steroid, metabolic and immunolog[...]
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Biobank: Stockholms Medicinska Biobank
Size: 100 - 1000
Collection type: Research sample collection